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MicroCare Unveils Innovative PCB Cleaner
Flux remover in aerosol package.
New Britain, CT — MicroCare® has introduced its innovative PCB cleaner called "UltraClean". The VOC-free flux remover has been formulated to deliver high-performance cleaning on lead-free circuits. In addition, the new cleaner has been engineered to meet or exceed all of the different health, safety and environmental restrictions imposed upon cleaning chemistries around the world. The product uses a totally new solvent formulation, so it is VOC-free, halogen-free, ozone-safe and safe for people. It also is the first product to use a new, non-flammable propellant — an innovation that reduces any global warming impact by 99 percent or more. The end result is a powerful but safe cleaner that is absolutely benign in the environment.

This environmental pedigree is important to large, multinational OEM and SCM customers because it means they can specify one specific part number for their PCB cleaning, and use it anywhere in the world — the USA, Germany, Qatar, Japan and China — countries that have differing requirements.

According to the company, UltraClean is the go-anywhere, clean-anything product for the 21st century. Companies can specify it for their PCBs while being environmentally responsible. It can create a competitive advantage by demonstrating in a very significant manner that the company adheres to the highest environmental standards and expectations, while saving money.

Another distinction is the fact that the product does not use water or alcohol in the formulation. Today's PCBs are too small, too dense, too hot and too complex to be cleaned with water on the benchtop or in a cleaning machine. The chemists and engineers at MicroCare took a totally different approach, spending years to find the right combination of specific gravity, viscosity, surface tension, specific heat — to get a product that will outclean and outperform any of those old-style, water-based or alcohol-based products.

The cleaning agent is reportedly the best choice to clean rosin fluxes, synthetic fluxes, "no-clean" fluxes and hard-to-clean lead-free materials used in the assembly and manufacture of printed circuit boards. It also can remove silicone-based glues, coatings and insulators.

Because the cleaner dries relatively slowly, it is suitable for rework and repair of PCBs. Packaged in a 300-gram aerosol, the product is designed to be used with the TriggerGrip cleaning system, which further reduces solvent consumption and saves money. It also is available in 3.9, 19, and 200-liter packages.

Contact: MicroCare Corp., 595 John Downey Drive, New Britain, CT 06051 800-638-0125 or 860-827-0626 fax: 860-827-8105 Web:

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