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Movable Ground Pin QFP Test Socket from Yamaichi
Test and burn-in socket.
Munich, Germany — Yamaichi Electronics has enhanced its famous double shoulder contact IC500 Open Top series by adding a movable ground pin option matching QFP type IC packages with exposed pads.

This socket family must provide highest contact reliability, no lead foot touching, movable ground pin option, and full autoload capability. These features mean that the IC500 will be used when a high level of reliability and contact quality is mandatory — especially for qualifying/burn-in/testing safety for automotive IC devices.

Besides the connection reliability, issues such as heat dissipation and RF characteristics often require that test sockets be equipped with components that can handle cooling and grounding. The IC500 movable ground pin sockets are equipped with either crown-shaped or flat-head ground pins depending on customer requirements.

The additional exposed pad connection however has brought a new challenge to socket design: a spring loaded center pin — a common solution — mainly pushes the package away from its suitable insertion plane during loading. Possible countermeasures often add technical complexity to the auto-load handler resulting in manual-load capable sockets only.

To overcome this challenge, Yamaichi Electronics has applied a new design to the ground pin in its IC500 series socket. The new design allows the center pin to actuate in conjunction with the movement of the push cover. While the push cover is being held down, the center pin retracts completely to allow the package to be guided into its position. When the push cover is released, double shoulder contacts are actuated first, holding the package firmly in its plane before the center pin comes into action. This two-step actuation ensures that the IC500 series remains auto-load capable and reliable for all future test and burn-in applications.

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