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Essemtec to Intro High-Speed Jetter
Scorpion high-speed jetter.
Aesch, Switzerland — Essemtec, a Swiss manufacturer of production systems for electronic assembly and packaging, is introducing the Scorpion high-speed jetter. According to the company, the Scorpion is one of the most up-to-date and accurate dispensing systems available.

The unit is a fully automatic jetting system that reportedly improves overall equipment efficiency. Absolute throughput is maximized with piezo jetting valves which enable the jetting of fluids over a wide range of viscosity with speeds of up to 800Hz. Wastage of expensive material is minimized with a fluid box of less than 150 nanoliters. There is no tubing to connect the fluid to the jet valve and hence messy cleaning and maintenance operations are minimized.

Setting up new recipes is reportedly quick and easy with the company's brand new eDIS software which also offers context-sensitive help. Point-and-touch features are intuitive to learn and programming of dots, lines or various shapes is easy, while CAD import is also supported. Processes are developed in very little time, using a library of "best known parameters" for a wide range of common fluids.

The Scorpion is a highly versatile system and can be equipped with up to four valves or pumps, including jet valves, Archimedian screw valves, time pressure valves and slider valves to accommodate virtually all applications. These include encapsulation, dam-and-fill, underfill, LED cavity, conductive adhesive, solder paste, and phosphor silicon cavity fill.

Contact: Essemtec USA, 816 N. Delsea Dr., #308, Glassboro, NJ 08028 856-218-1131 fax: 856-218-1134 E-mail: Web:

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