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Automated Optical Inspection Keeps Pace With QA Demands

Smaller components and more densely packed printed-circuit boards (PCBs) are challenging the best efforts of electronic manufacturers to maintain a high level of quality assurance (QA). But as more and more manufacturers and integrated manufacturing services (IMS) providers are discovering ...
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Camera-Assisted Automation Enhances Bond Testing

Bond testing grows in importance with every advance in semiconductor packaging technology. The bond testing capabilities of many facilities are being challenged to characterize the integrity of interconnections within semiconductor devices with ultrafine pitches, containing stacked ...
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Heating Up Multiple Ovens For CM Production

Contract manufacturers (CMs) producing electronic printed circuit board (PCBs) often must juggle multiple ovens for properly managing reflow processes. Although multiple ovens can bring added capability, they can also bring a degree of difficulty to the validation process, and most ...

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Pulse Generators "Stimulate" Medical Device Industry

Neuromodulation has spurred a great deal of excitement in recent years for treatment of different medical conditions and diseases. This technology uses electrical signals to stimulate or block different nerve impulses in the body and is adapted from technology used in cardiac rhythm ...
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Thinking "Green" Makes Demand for Power Semiconductors Grow

Recently, IHS Research ( announced a forecast for power semiconductors with an expected compound annual growth rate of 8 percent. This figure is slightly less than in previous reports, but still indicates the potential of this market. The demand for power semiconductors ...
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Underfilling Flip-Chip Die Using Continuous-Path Motion Control

Flip-chip devices have been important components in electronic circuits for some time, with underfill technology helping to minimize thermal stress between flip chips and the substrates on which they are mounted. The process of adding underfill materials to flip chips and other miniature ...
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