Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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JOT Automation Receives a Global Award for its Customer Value Leadership in the Production Automation Testing Market

JOT Automation
, leading supplier of production and test solutions for the electronics, telecom, automotive, aerospace and advanced life science industries, has been recognised for its continued work to deliver innovative solutions and developments to meet its business markets with the Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership. 

Frost & Sullivan, the worldwide growth partnership company, saw JOT as a company that takes substantial effort to design and deliver innovative solutions that are in sync with emerging technological advancements. JOT’s frequent product introductions and enhancements, and its strategic decision to extend its business markets, have enabled it to develop close relationships with its customers. 

Frost & Sullivan felt that JOT’s offering of fully automatic tests is best positioned to achieve higher success over other participants in this highly competitive market.

Mika Kettula, CEO of JOT Automation, said: “With a strong customer base of industry-leading companies across the world, including those in the life science, electronics, telecom and automotive industries, it is an honour to be recognised for this award. 

“We are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year and this award is a testament to the hard work that the JOT staff puts into everything they do to develop the products and meet our customers’ needs.” 

JOT Automation’s robust production automation testing solutions are all-inclusive, cost-effective and user-friendly. They are advanced enough to withstand product and technological complexities. Two flagship products that highlight the company’s supremacy over similar products in the market are the JOT M10 (for PCB-level functional testing) and JOT G3 (for functional testing of ready product). 

“The JOT G3 product clearly marks a breakthrough in the mobile industry, enabling mobile manufacturerswho are the key end usersto save time and money,” said Frost & Sullivan Program Manager Olga Yashkova-Shapiro. “Capable of expediting operational efficiency while minimizing labour costs, the JOT G3 can initiate fully automatic tests on handsets in a repetitive manner. Serving as an integrated platform to carry out multiple tests in comparison to divided test solutions or manual tests, this significant product offering truly affirms higher quality and ultimate efficiency.” 

Similarly, the JOT M10 functional test solution for smart devices clearly dominates the market with its ability to effectively speed up development cycles, ensuring high production capacity. “Frost & Sullivan expects this solution to redefine the testing environment by being the most effective, accessible and flexible testing solution for functional testing across mobile phones, smartphones, tablet computers, PCs, motherboards, and automotive electronics,” noted Yashkova-Shapiro. 

Other features that enhance value to customers include the capability of the solutions to operate in the R&D and real-time production environment and enable prompt scaling up of the production process, as well as a modular system architecture that allows easy compliance with various production criteria. 

“Based on machine vision, robotics and sensor technologies, JOT Automation’s products are best suited to deliver economies of scale to its customers,” observed Yashkova-Shapiro. “The company is also focusing research capabilities in the areas of miniaturisation and need for desktop solutions.”   

For further information, visit www.jotautomation.com.


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