Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Universal Introduces Adjustable Gripper Nozzle
Universal Instruments has released an adjustable gripper nozzle for its 7-spindle InLine7T and FZ7T placement heads. The gripper comes equipped with five sets of tooling jaws to handle a variety of component types and shapes, including connectors, headers, switches, and a full array of odd-form devices up to 12.7mm wide and 150mm long. The new gripper easily picks components from several input types, such as tape, trays, and other feeding solutions. Detailed instructions and suggested configurations for the tooling jaws, pushers, and spacers are included with each gripper.

According to Justin Poet, general manager, Universal Instruments Production Tooling Group, "The new gripper delivers significant cost savings for our customers, since it can replace a multitude of custom grippers, yet costs approximately the same as a single custom piece." He added, "In addition, it provides our customers a responsive production model in which they can immediately modify the gripper to handle a variety of components, rather than retooling with dedicated custom solutions."

The adjustable gripper nozzle further enhances Universal's platform portfolio, which delivers the most comprehensive odd-form placement capability in the industry with a full complement of standard and custom solutions.

To learn more, go to or contact Justin Poet, general manager, Production Tooling Group, at or 607-779-7206. You may also explore Universal's parts and tooling website at

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