Friday, May 25, 2018
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ASTRODYNE Celebrates 50 Years
This year, Astrodyne's RO brand turns 50 and they are celebrating! As a company that is proud of their heritage and capabilities, Astrodyne is excited to celebrate RO’s accomplishments in the power conversion industry. As you may or may not know, RO Associates was first founded by Dr. Robert Okada, a well-known pioneer in the industry, and soon became an early innovator in the switching power supply design, thus greatly improving power density. RO is a leader in the technology of the industry and continuously made significant leaps.
What does the line of innovation look like?
  • 1967: The introduction of switching power supplies (with 20 KHz switching power).
  • 1989: After years of gradual increase in switching frequency, the first brick was introduced.
  • 1991: Another step in power density—RO introduced the MicroVerter® high density technology, which allowed for superior thermal transfer and increased operating temperatures.
  • 1996: The introduction of AC-DC bricks.
  • Present-day: A gradual increase in power density has continued, from Gen II versions of the high density technology to both DC-DC and AC-DC power.
As many of today’s SMT packages are a result of this work, Astrodyne today strives to continue the tradition of its RO brand, which is the cornerstone of its military and aerospace product offerings. RO represents products designed to meet the challenges of extreme temperatures along with hi shock and vibration environments found in the most challenging applications.

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