Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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AB Electronic Sells the Fourth Speedprint Screen Printer this Year

Speedprint Technology announces that its distributor AB Electronic sold LEC an SP700avi system.

LEC, located in Cadiz, Spain, offers sustainable lighting solutions based on LED technology with a guarantee that delivers innovation, national design and manufacturing, and is certified by European laboratories. LEC was the first factory manufacturing LED lights in Andalusia. In 2007, it became the first company in Europe to illuminate a city with LED technology and, in 2011, it received an award for innovation from the University of Seville. In 2012, the company opened its new production center of 6.500 m2, intended for the design, development and production of LED lights. With more than 80 employees, LEC is considered to be the company with the best production in Spain (CNC, plastic molding and SMT line).

LEC relies on AB Electronic to fully equip its factory. With nearly 13 years of experience, AB Electronic has become a market leading distributor throughout the Iberian Peninsula and featuring only high-quality machines, including those from Speedprint. It uniquely provides all the products and equipment needed for the assembly process as well as through-hole SMT components in electronic circuits. AB Electronic offers a global solution for each and every one of the steps in the assembly process of PCBs in the electronics industry. Additionally, AB Electronic has an efficient and fast post-sale service, promising to provide a solution within 24 hours.

One of the reasons that LEC chose the Speedprint system was for the perfect balance it offers between its equipment characteristics, reliability and price. “The simplicity of the system’s software, its precise printing, easy calibration and the advantage that it requires no maintenance makes the operators’ work comfortable, easy and economical,” commented LEC’s director of production. 

The award-winning SP700avi screen printer provides low ownership costs, simplicity, ease of maintenance and overall value. The advanced system combines Speedprint’s commitment to high performance and reliability with all the necessary features for processing high technology substrates as standard equipment. The system was designed to cope with the rigors of high-volume SMT production while incorporating the flexibility needed in high-mix, quick product setup and changeover environments.  

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