Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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APEM, a leading manufacturer of quality switches and joysticks, announces the KR Series, a family of sealed rocker switches.  The KR rocker switch, with its large actuator surface, was designed for applications requiring switches to have an attractive style, superior feel and high reliability.  The KR is ideally suited for applications in the marine markets.

Single and double pole models are available in an extensive range of electrical configurations, including ON-OFF, ON-ON, ON-ON-ON and ON-ON-MOM.  This switch is rated up to 15A at 12VDC for 10,000 cycles.  Additional electrical specifications include initial contact resistance of 10 milliohms max., insulation resistance of 1,000 megohms at 500VDC and dielectric strength of 2,000 Vrms between terminals.

The KR Series is available with solder lug/quick-connect and screw terminals and with or without a plastic barrier between terminals.  Up to 10 terminals are offered to allow for multiple electrical and illumination possibilities.  Materials include silver contacts and UL94-VO rated engineering plastics.  The switch is designed to be mounted into a 1.450" x .830” panel cut-out. 

The KR rocker switch can be customized to fit specific applications.  It features custom marking and illumination with laser engraved legends.  Lighting options include 6, 12 and 24VDC LEDs available in red, green and yellow.  Actuators are available in 9 standard colors and custom colors can be produced for unique applications.  A mating connector and wire terminations are also available to simplify installations.  All APEM products are produced to meet the RoHS directive.

CONTACT: APEM Components, Inc., 63 Neck Road, Haverhill, MA 01835 at 978-372-1602 or visit the company’s website at www.apem.com.

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