Saturday, June 23, 2018

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Beckhoff Intros EtherCAT Power and Distribution Box

Burnsville, MN — Beckhoff Automation has introduced the new EP9214 power distributor box. This solution enables the local distribution and switching off of the power supply, providing the ability to supply up to four NEC class-2 circuits via typical M8 plug connectors. This innovative I/O solution ...
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Dymax Dispensing Valve Provides Extreme Precision

Torrington, CT — The Model 455 dispensing valve from Dymax Corporation is a pneumatically operated, normally closed pinch valve with a disposable fluid path. It was designed to dispense a variety of low- to medium-viscosity materials with extreme precision. The valve's micrometer control feature ...
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FlexLink's New Conveyor Platform Triples User Value

Allentown, PA — Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), sustainability and innovation have been the focus in the development of FlexLink's new generation X65 conveyor. The result is significantly higher value to users compared to present solutions in production and packaging lines.
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Gowanda Intros Smallest Non-Magnetic Inductor

Gowanda, NY — Gowanda Electronics has introduced the world's smallest non-magnetic molded RF inductor series, SMG1812. This new surface mount wirewound series measures just 4.8 x 3.4 x 3.5mm (height) — more than 40 percent smaller than the company's SMG3013 series, which had been the industry ...
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Henkel: Loctite Electrically Conductive Adhesives

Irvine, CA — Henkel has developed a new portfolio of silicone-based electrically conductive adhesives (ECAs) with special properties to address harsh environmental conditions. The Loctite Ablestik ICP 4000 series of ECAs withstand operating temperatures as high as 200°C and deliver the flexibility ...
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IMET: Robotic Cat Demos EMS Capabilities

Southampton, PA — IMET's booth showcases many products that underscore its versatility as a contract manufacturer and its expertise as an electronics product development specialist. But one item that says it best is a white robotic cat that when petted, will purr, meow, wag its tail, open and close ...

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ISP: Custom Extruded Rubber Shapes for Gaskets and Seals

Sutton, MA — Custom rubber shapes extruded with specific profiles, from a variety of elastomers, to exactly match OEM gasketing and sealing applications are being introduced by Interstate Specialty Products, Inc.
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Keyence Intros Rugged Metal Photoeye

Itasca, IL — Keyence Corp. of America is introducing the PR-G Series, a new approach to self-contained photoeyes. The PR-G Series is dedicated to fulfilling three main focuses for the industrial automation industry: durability, high power, and ease of use. In general, most photoeyes are made out ...
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Leica: New Materials Microscope Has LED Illumination

Wetzlar, Germany — The new materials microscope Leica DM2700 M from Leica Microsystems is suitable for all kinds of routine inspection tasks in metallography, earth science, forensic investigation, and materials quality control and research. It offers users state-of-the-art universal white-light ...
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Metcal Intros Side-View Camera Upgrade Kit

Garden Grove, CA — Metcal has introduced a new Side-View Camera Upgrade Kit for the Scorpion Rework System. The addition of this Upgrade Kit (APR-SRS-UK3) facilitates visibility of reflow during the rework process and provides the operator with an improved method of setting placement height of the ...
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MicroCare Intros Strongest VOC-Free Flux Remover

New Britain, CT — MicroCare Corporation has launched its newest innovative VOC-Exempt formula, VOC-Free Flux Remover — UltraClean.
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Unitronics Intros New Series Controllers

Quincy, MA — Unitronics is introducing two new members of its Jazz® 2 Series — the JZ20-R16 and JZ20-R10. With 48K (virtual) Ladder Logic memory, 30 times faster performance and a new, built-in mini USB programming port, the new units allow industrial control processes to have more power, speed ...
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Virtual Industries: Wafer-Vac System

Colorado Springs, CO — Virtual Industries Inc. has introduced its new WAFER-VAC system with 8-in. (203mm) molded wafer tip (WV-9000-MW8). The product is a general-purpose wafer vacuum handling tool that plugs directly into 110V 50/60Hz. The compact unit handles a wide variety of wafers, solar cells ...

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