Thursday, June 21, 2018
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New Signal Generators from Vaunix
Lab Brick signal generator.
Haverhill, MA — Vaunix Technology Corporation has added eight new models to its LMS Series of Signal Generators. The additions are in response to customer demand for defined frequency bands through 4GHz, specifically 70-450MHz, 250-1500MHz, 600-3200MHz, and 1000-4000MHz.

The Lab Brick LMS USB-compatible, synthesized signal generators provide low noise, fast 100µsec switching time, and fine 100Hz frequency resolution, requiring no additional DC supply voltage. Advanced features include phase-continuous linear-frequency sweeping; selectable internal/external 10MHz reference; optional pulse modulation; ability for GUI software to track and control several connected signal generators, simplifying multiple-signal test setups; and device storage of settings in internal memory, allowing it to power up in a specific instrument state. All devices offer robust aluminum construction.

The new models include: LMS-451D, a 70-450MHz unit with +10, +13, and +20dBm output power options; LMS-152D, a 250-1500MHz unit with +10, +13, and +20dBm output power options; LMS-322D, a 600-3200MHz unit with +10dBm output power; and LMS-402D-13, a 1000-4000MHz unit with +13dBm output power.

Applications for these products include building automated test equipment (ATE), as a portable LO source, and engineering/production test lab use, both stationery and mobile.

Contact: Vaunix Technology Corporation, 242 Neck Road, Haverhill, MA 01835 978-662-7839 fax: 978-662-7842 Web:

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