Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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New Lumex UV LED for Higher Power
High power UV LEDs.
Carol Stream, IL — Lumex has launched its new TitanBrite 2W UV LED which offers energy savings of 70 percent and space savings of up to 90 percent compared to alternative technologies, making it the best value high power UV LED on the market. Available in a standard 405nm wavelength (purple), it provides 2x the power output of standard high power LEDs for a wide range of applications. The new LED, called the SML-LXL8047UVC series, provides several key benefits over alternative technologies such as compact fluorescent lamps (CCFLs), UV filament lamps and traditional high power UV LEDs. It consumes 50 percent and 70 percent less energy than CCFLs and UV filament lamps, respectively. The surface mounted design allows the 2W UV LED to provide up to 90 percent, 50 percent or 30 percent space savings compared to CCFLs, UV filament lamps and through-hole UV LEDs.

High power UV LEDs are typically available in 1W packages. The TitanBrite 2W UV LED offers twice the power with the same footprint as a standard 1W package. While some suppliers do offer a higher-power 3W UV LED, the available technology takes up 2.5x more space than the TitanBrite 2W UV LED and costs three times as much, making the TitanBrite UV LED the best value high power UV LED on the market today.

The TitanBrite 2W UV LED, now available in standard 405nm wavelength, provides high intensity light of 18 lumens. The new TitanBrite 2W UV LED is suitable for a wide range of applications that require bright, intense light with low energy consumption and have space limitations. High power UV LEDs can be used in a number of industries including: Medical for tissue improvement, thermal abrasion (dermatological), bacteriological research, fluid protection and identification, epoxy curing (dental); Security: forensics, currency verification; Water: water treatment facilities, aquariums, killing bacteria; Food processing: equipment sterilization, surface preparation cleaning, nucleic acid destruction.

The RoHs compliant UV LED is available in an 8mm round top dome SMT package and has a 100° viewing angle.

The new LED complements the company's full line of UV and high power LED technologies. The QuasarBrite line of UV LED technologies includes six standard UV wavelengths: 355, 365, 377, 385, 405 and 415nm, as well as a limitless number of custom options. The company offers over 10 types of high power product — LEDs including 1W, 2W, 3W, 5W and 10W sizes, through-hole and SMT offerings as well as standard and RGB formats.

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