Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Low Resistance Gold Plated Connector from Fujipoly
Low-resistance gold-plated connector.
Carteret, NJ — Fujipoly's Zebra® Gold Series 8000B is a high performance, low resistance connector that is capable of transferring both data and power between parallel components or circuit boards. This interconnect device is constructed from a low durometer silicone core that is covered with 133 parallel rows of flat, gold-plated wires per inch.

The connector's unusual construction allows it to accommodate PCBs with pad center spacing down to 0.19mm. In addition, each 0.05 x 0.10mm gold-plated element delivers a current-carrying capacity of 500mA while exhibiting a typical electrical resistance of less than 25mΩ on a 0.635mm wide contact pad.

Many of today's advanced portable electronic devices require specialized connectors to make electrical contact between the printed circuit board and intricate user interfaces such as LCD and touch screen displays. The new connector is an excellent choice for these products as well as for any board-to-board electronic packaging application with tight pad spacing and board separation tolerances.

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