Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Intelligent Display from Electronic Assembly
Interactive touch-screen display/control.
Gilching, Germany — The EA eDIPTFT57-A intelligent display from Electronic Assembly is an interactive interface suitable for control in mechanical engineering or industrial electronics applications. The high-contrast 5.7-in. (145mm) screen has LED background illumination, and offers crisp, colorful resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Its most important feature, however, is the built-in intelligence that greatly facilitates applications that call for integrating the display module in the application.

Special evaluation kits make it even easier to start working with the display and the other eight models of the EA eDIP series. These kits include a display with touch panel as well as an evaluation board, a USB cable, and a mini-DVD containing software, documentation, and sample macros.

The evaluation board includes a USB connection for communicating with the PC. Interface daughter boards for RS-232, I2C, and SPI are included to enable communication with the target application's host computer.

An external power supply is not required for smaller displays. An array of LEDs provides information about data traffic and the display's digital output status. Two potentiometers and eight buttons are fitted to the evaluation board to emulate sensors, switches, or relay contacts in the target application.

The installation DVD provides an abundance of material, including documentation on the different displays, the development software, and a variety of sample macros and layout templates. The source text editor for creating customized macros integrates additional programs (a compiler, a terminal program, a bitmap editor, and an editor for designing virtual measuring instruments). The touchscreen, which has a buzzer to confirm inputs, can also group controls on the display to provide a high-quality user interface.

Contact: Electronic Assembly GmbH, Zeppelinstr. 19, D-82205 Gilching, Germany +49-8105-77 80 90 fax: +49-8105-77 80 99 E-Mail: Web:


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