Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Blockmaster Intros Modular Panel Feed-Through Blocks
Modular panel feed-through blocks.
Elk Grove Village, IL — BlockMaster Electronics, has introduced a series of panel feed-thru terminal blocks — the MPT Series — that are versatile enough to be used in a variety power distribution and terminal applications. With products such as hi-power switching, motor control, medical imaging and power supplies, the MPT series can eliminate many problems.

The new MPT series power handling ranges from 24A/450V to 150A/1000V, and can accept wire ranges from 14 to 1 AWG stranded, and 12 to 2 AWG solid among 7 different sizes.

Its modular design allows any number of positions to be easily assembled on the line or in the field as each position interlocks together providing seamless modular construction side by side or stackable. This configuration for panel mount design features a through-hole design allowing a terminal feed through the panel. Mounting of the block can be with either a snap-on wedge or knurled nut to secure the block.

The NEMA color-coded blocks are safer and easier for field installation. Internally, the wire connections can be soldered, quick-connect or screw fastened. And because of its mounting on the external side of the panel it can help to isolate the internal EMI/RFI that is sometimes generated. External connections are made with a Screw Cage clamp. Any application product that needs to connect power through a panel and needs isolation will find this versatile terminal block the solution.

Contact: BlockMaster, 1400 Howard Street, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 800-595-8881 fax: 847-956-1690 E-Mail: Web:

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