Friday, May 25, 2018
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Unitronics Intros New Series Controllers
New faster controller.
Quincy, MA — Unitronics is introducing two new members of its Jazz® 2 Series — the JZ20-R16 and JZ20-R10. With 48K (virtual) Ladder Logic memory, 30 times faster performance and a new, built-in mini USB programming port, the new units allow industrial control processes to have more power, speed and functionality at the same low price as their standard Jazz series counterparts.

According to the company, upgrading is easy. With the same look, dimensions, wiring and functional behavior, the new units have complete backward compatibility as the standard Jazz. Upgrading existing projects is hassle-free, and can be completed in three easy steps. First, open the application. Second, select the new model in Hardware Configuration. And lastly, save the application. The new JZ20-R16 and JZ20-R10 are excellent for replacing "smart relays", for applications such as simple autoclaves, rotating tables, home automation, and other small-to-medium systems where every penny counts. It's PLC + HMI advantage gives users the opportunity to operate on a minimum budget, programming time and wiring.

All Jazz and Jazz 2 series controllers include 4 auto-tune PID loops. PID can be set using the onboard temperature/analog inputs, and the analog or PWM outputs; all onboard transistor outputs can function as PWM outputs.

Jazz and Jazz 2 units also have a full-function HMI with a two-line LCD text display that shows up to 60 user-designed screens, and a 16-key keypad. The multilingual display supports over 15 languages, and 20 graphic symbols.

Control and communication options make these controllers a big step up. With 24K (Virtual) Ladder Logic in the standard Jazz series and 48K (Virtual) with the new Jazz 2 series, these units provide flexibility, functionality and power. Software functions include: interrupt, loops, math, store and compare. Communications options include SMS messaging, MODBUS networking and PC access via MODBUS or OPC.

Contact: Unitronics Ltd., 1 Battery March Park, Quincy, MA 02169 617-657-6598 E-mail: Web:

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