Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Mek Unveils New AOI Line
AOI system.
Yokohama, Japan — Mek, aka Marantz Electronics Ltd., has released an entirely new generation of AOI technology to be deployed across a line-up of four new desktop and three new in-line inspection machines.

Mek's new PowerSpector Series embodies an entirely new generation of mechanical, camera, sensor, and software technologies that measurably propel the performance of Mek AOI beyond the norm. The AOI systems have several Inspection head options, each using cameras with large pixel size giving better color fidelity and improved signal-to-noise ratio and custom telecentric optics with true color image processing.

Head selection is based on application requirements, position in the process, and inspection depth and resolution required. Applications include component only pre-reflow inspection through to multi-camera, multi-light source meniscus profiling.

The PowerSpector FDAz inspection head is designed for post-reflow applications with fine technology and objects invisible to systems with top viewing cameras such as J-leaded components and QFNs. It is the most versatile system, as it reliably inspects SMT and THT component bodies for presence/absence, type, polarity, offset, text, and colors, and component solder fillets for excessive, insufficient, no solder, shorts, lifted leads. Suitable for use in pre-reflow, post-reflow, post-wave and post-selective, it can also be used for 2D solder paste inspection and first article inspection. The system's high resolution top camera with telecentric lens and new multiplexed 8x CameraLink side camera technology with Tilt-Shift lenses in 45/45° configuration, defects become visible as never before.

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