Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Hi Speed 3D In-line X-Ray from MatriX Technologies
In-line 3D X-ray inspection system.
Feldkirchen, Germany — MatriX Technologies has introduced its new X3L in-line X-ray inspection system in the USA. The X3L configuration is available with an innovative dual detector concept, combining a linescan for transmission inspection of complete PCBs in a few seconds as well as a high resolution digital flat-panel for selective 3D image capturing.

3D X-Ray technology is especially useful for double-sided solder joint inspection of PCB assemblies. The key application in SMT production is to focus on hidden solder joints, especially head-in-pillow defects for BGAs and cold solder joint analysis for QFN components. Other important inspection tasks are thermal pads and PTH/THT barrel fill measurements per IPC-610 requirements. The new X3L system offers a combination of optimized test concepts — transmission, off-axis image capturing, and 3D-SART — that selectively uses the 3D technique where it is really needed. Typically, 80 percent of the solder joints on double-sided boards can receive sufficient inspection by using transmission X-ray. Because the X3L inspection system uses a high-speed readout TDI camera (line scanner) in parallel, it reduces the image capture process for 18 x 16-in. (457 x 406mm) PCBs to less than 10 seconds. This approach enables the user to select the optimum inspection technique based on individual requirements.

Each X3 system is equipped with the newly developed 3D-SART (Simultaneous Algebraic Reconstruction Technique), which provides slice images for high quality solder joint analysis. 3D-SART generates detailed, high-resolution images for a reliable analysis based on a minimum amount of projections.

The new X3 series uses the well-established MIPS platform with links to all MIPS software modules for programming, classifying and verification. MIPS verify now supports the defect image verification with an extended 3D functionality.

Contact: MatriX Technologies GmbH, Dornacher Strasse 5, 85622 Feldkirchen, Germany 0049 89-189 41 40-14 fax: 0049 89-189 41 40-98 E-mail: christina.heil@m-xt.com Web:

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