Monday, April 23, 2018
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New HDZ Video Inspection System Renders Stereo Microscopes Obsolete

The new HDZ High-Definition Video Inspection Systems from HD4i represent a true breakthrough in visual inspection technology.  They provide all the benefits of a stereo microscope while eliminating their shortcomings and ergonomic difficulties.

Stereo microscopes are deployed in a wide range of industries, from electronics and medical devices, to plastics, metal stamping and more to do precision Q.C. inspections of manufactured parts under magnification.  They provide a longer working distance, better depth of field and ease of operation over a traditional eye-loop or magnifier.  However, stereo microscopes have several limitations, including:

  • Operator Eye Fatigue
  • Operator Neck and Back Strain
  • Limited Field of View
  • Only One Person Can View Samples At Any One Time

Some stereo microscopes have added cameras to their systems, but due to the single path optical port, objects can appear distorted, there is very little depth of field, and the frame rate is limited, slowing down the inspection process.

The new HDZ series HD Video Inspection Systems eliminate all the limitations of stereo microscopes, resulting in inspections that are faster, more accurate and cause no physical strain on the operators.  Side-by-side comparisons show a substantial increase in operator accuracy, efficiency and job satisfaction.

The HDZ Systems utilize a digital camera with either 720p or 1080p HD resolution, with a selection of lens operating distances/magnifications.  The HD camera features an Auto-Focus lens and a 9-function remote control for zoom, focus, iris and more.  Advanced functions can be controlled via the included software running on your pc.  Crystal-clear HD images are then displayed in real-time on a full-color HD digital LCD monitor with anti-reflective screen.

The HDZ System can produce approximately 50x on-screen magnification which is very comparable to that of a typical stereomicroscope.  The HDZ System provides real-time imaging, higher definition, larger field of view, greater working distances and better depth of field than a stereo microscope.

For more information on how the HDZ Video Inspection Systems can improve the speed, accuracy and efficiency of part inspections, please visit or to contact HD4i via email, send inquiries to or call 815-540-8117 for additional information.

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