Friday, April 20, 2018
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A-Tek Systems Group Introduces the New Kolb PS300 2HY
A-Tek Systems Group introduces the newest cleaning system from Kolb Cleaning Technology - the PS300 2HY. The PS300 2HY is the latest addition to the compact C-Series, and is a hybrid batch stencil cleaner and much more. The PS300 2HY is suitable for stencils, PCBs (soldered), misprints and solder frames in a single machine platform. As a fully automatic, single chamber system, the PS300 2HY features 3-4 Step PowerSpray(r) cleaning. The patented PowerSpray(R) technology is developed by Kolb, using high pressure, high volume pumps to spray the cleaning fluid via special jets on to the parts to be cleaned.

The PS300 2HY is the most compact, multifunctional system in the Kolb C-Class Series, and includes 2 tanks and three circuits to accomplish the
demands of both fine cleaning as well as ultrafine cleaning.

The PS300 2HY is PLC controlled, and includes all necessary and applicable use parameters. The 3-stage program selector for: (1) Stencil (2) Misprints (3) Carriers are pre-configured at the factory. However adjustments to the cleaning cycles, to compensate for contamination level and contamination type are completely adjustable by the user and overall process requirements. Up to 99 programs can be written and saved for
later recall.

Like all Kolb systems, the PS300 2HY includes all safety features such as; safety interlocks, master lock out switch and pressure control switches
monitoring tank A & B values. The added feature of ClosedLoop processing of both the cleaning and rinsing fluids ensure maximum cycle / use efficiencies to meet today's environmental standards and Kolb's Green initiatives.

The main features of Kolb PS300 2HY:
* Fully automatic 3-4 step process: Cleaning > Rinsing (tap water) >
DI-water rinse (variable DI-water processing > Drying with VMH hot air

* Closed looped recycling of both cleaning and rinsing fluids

* Ergonomic and operator comfort with single push-one-button

* Product handling capability of 780 x 950 mm / 31" x 37.5" in a
small footprint of 80 x 150 cm

* PLC controlled process time and filter saturation

* Short process time (contamination dependent)

* Stainless steel construction with all process sections made of
electrolysis-resistant materials

* Small footprint will allow user to position the cleaner as close to
the screen printer possible

* Certified to operate in solar cell production.

About Kolb Cleaning Technology
Kolb Cleaning Technology is headquartered in Willich, Germany. With 25 years of cleaning experience, Kolb is recognized as an innovative manufacturer and a founder of aqueous cleaning systems cleaning for the electronics manufacturing industry.

About A-Tek Systems Group
A-Tek Systems Group was established in 2004 supporting the electronics assembly market and is the exclusive distribution partner for Kolb,
providing both sales and support services for all Kolb products out their offices in Longmont, CO.

Contact: A-Tek Systems Group, 1329 Sherman Drive, Longmont, CO 80501, TEL: 970-532-5100, FAX: 970-532-5101, WEB:

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