Sunday, June 24, 2018
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SIPLACE strengthens support in Western USA
San Jose, CA based Technica will represent SIPLACE placement machine and cover the states of Northern California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. 
ASM Assembly Systems is very pleased to announce its future collaboration with its new sales partner, Technica USA, which has recently been signed to represent their SIPLACE line of SMT placement equipment, software and services. In order to better support the growing customer base in the Western USA, the SIPLACE team will also open a second US demo center, located at the Technica facility in San Jose, California. "In 2012 we significantly increased our market share in North America.  Our intent is to continue this trend while offering our growing customer base exceptional service and process support throughout the region.  With our American headquarters located in Suwanee, GA and our Technica partner site in San Jose, CA we now have a very strong presence on both coasts," says SIPLACE head Americas Jeff Timms about the new partnership.

Established in 1985, Technica USA, is a privately held company with a total of 27 employees. Technica provides solutions for Solar, SMT Assembly, Microelectronics Assembly and Semiconductor Packaging & Design markets. Boasting over 30 years of experience in the US market, the company is intimately familiar with electronics manufacturers’ daily challenges and production processes. Acting as a manufacturer’s representative for SIPLACE, Technica will cover the states of Northern California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. 
SIPLACE expands growth and presence in the USA
In recent years, SIPLACE has enjoyed strong market share growth in the Americas, driven by the remarkable success of the SIPLACE SX platform. The new partnership with Technica will allow SIPLACE to further build on this success. Technica has expertise in many of the application areas of electronics manufacturing. As a seasoned specialist, the company will be able to provide customers with support in materials and processes – always in addition to the world class direct service from SIPLACE.
The new West Coast demo center will feature SIPLACE SX placement machines with a full range of programming, set up and optimization software. It will be staffed by experienced SIPLACE personnel who live and work in the local bay area. In addition to experiencing state-of-the-art SMT equipment, customers will also be able to take advantage of Technica’s expertise in other applications areas when they visit the San Jose facility.

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