Saturday, May 26, 2018
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GOEPEL electronic initiates Cooperation Network with EMS Companies
GOEPEL electronic, world-class vendor of JTAG/Boundary Scan solutions compliant with IEEE Std. 1149.x announces the inception of a comprehensive cooperation network with contract manufacturers. The “EMS Partner Program”, a global alliance program is
focussed on joint activities for knowledge transfer about test methods and strategies.

The cooperation network particularly aims for improving the interaction between development and production in order to provide a better understanding of the respective requirements“,
says Enrico Lusky, Sales Manager Germany with GOEPEL electronic. “Our program partners will have the opportunities to respond more quickly to customer needs. This will result in shorter test and programming times and increased fault coverage, which leads to decreasing costs in electronics production.”

"In addition to jointly performed technology workshops, seminars or webinars, the newly established certification program is the cooperation network’s core”, adds Jan Heiber, Manager of GOEPEL electronic’s JTAG/Boundary Scan Application Division. “As a consequence, we are able to directly pass on our knowledge on efficient utilization of newest test and programming technologies to our EMS partners.”

The official introduction of the EMS Partner Program will take place at GOEPEL electronic’s annual Boundary Scan Days® Germany on the 15th and 16th of May in Jena/Germany. Interested EMS companies may select between a ‘Standard Membership’ and a ‘Certified Membership’. Completing a certification program is the precondition to obtain the status of a certified cooperation partner – the achieved status is based on the active certificates of the participating employee.  

The certification program is customized to future application purposes. It comprises intensive training for several days dealing with the theoretical principles of JTAG/Boundary Scan and pursuing Embedded System Access (ESA) technologies (VarioTAP, ChipVORX…) as well as practical work with example projects. The final assessment, verifying the learning progress, is a substantial part of the certification.

Further information about the company and its products can be found on the internet at

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