Monday, June 25, 2018
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MARTIN Introduces IR Temperature Measurement Sensors for ENHANCED Rework

MARTIN is announcing that Infrared temperature (IR) measurement sensors now are available on its EXPERT 10.6 Rework Systems. IR measurement is used to determine temperatures on surfaces from a distance, without touching them.

The IR sensor is installed at the Advanced Vision Placement unit, next to the camera. The sensor module has a laser pointer integrated to indicate the area of measurement on the PCB surface. The sensor mount is easy to unlock and allows the user to swipe the measurement location over the PCB easily. Advantages include ease of use as a monitoring sensor (no need for capton tape), stable and reliable measurement, and for use in preheat and/or closed-loop operations.

The new IR sensors increase the flexibility of the Martin EXPERT 10.6 system — a cost-effective rework solution especially suited for the repair of large, high-value PCBs. Due to its intuitive interface, process repeatability and semiautomated operation, it is an unmatched value. The system includes a hybrid under-heater and control unit, integrated into a single housing. The hybrid platform combines both infrared and convection heating technologies to achieve outstanding board temperature uniformity, thus minimizing temperature-based PCB distortion.

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