Monday, June 18, 2018
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Ryder EMS Releases Two New Low-Cost Pro Audio FXi DSP Modules

Ryder Industries, an electronic manufacturing services provider, announces its work with its UK strategic designer partner to release two new DSP modules for quick build-in design of pro audio devices.

The FXi DSP modules can be used in guitar amplifier, pedal and sound effect processor. These competitively priced modules can be integrated easily into products and allows custom configuration, which results in a faster time to market.

The first DSP module, the FX16i, boasts 16 x custom 24-bit DSP effects and a small footprint of only 1x1.5".  The second DSP module, the FX100i, has 100 x custom 24-bit DSP effects and a small footprint as well, at only 1.6x 3".

Visit to experience the superior DSP sound effects and download detailed FXi specifications.

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