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ASM Intros New generation of the SIPLACE X-Series
The new SIPLACE X4i S flagship delivers a top benchmark value of 120,000 cph in a footprint of only 1.9 x 2.6 meters.
ASM Assembly Systems recently unveiled the next generation of its successful SIPLACE X high-end platform. Although the new machines are up to 0.5 meters shorter than the previous generation, they offer up to ten percent more performance. For example, the new SIPLACE X4i S flagship delivers a top benchmark value of 120,000 cph (components per hour) in a footprint of only 1.9 x 2.6 meters.  The new three-gantry and four-gantry models of the new high-end platform impress with significantly improved numbers for investment-critical ratios like floorspace/performance and price/performance. Slots for up to 160 8-mm feeders, conveyors for boards up to 650 mm wide, barcode readers, SIPLACE Smart Pin Support, interchangeable gantries and new tray feeders expand the flexibility and usability of the new platform for demanding high-speed applications in electronics production.

With the new generation of the SIPLACE X platform, ASM Assembly System is aiming to expand its market share in sophisticated high-speed applications. The new machines deliver up to ten percent more placement performance on a smaller footprint and with unchanged space for up to 160 8-mm feeders. With a footprint of only 1.9 x 2.6 meters, and a placement speed of 120,000 cph (SIPLACE benchmark), the SIPLACE X4i S sets a new record in the important floorspace/performance ratio.  The platform model shown at the SMT 2013 was the three-gantry SIPLACE X3 S.

High speed paired with great flexibility
"Besides speed and precision, today's electronics manufacturers require more flexible platforms for highly competitive applications in order to be able to use their lines efficiently. With the new generation of our high-end platform we can satisfy these requirements perfectly," says Bernhard Fritz, head of product marketing on the SIPLACE team, about the positioning of the new machines.

The new machine generation features lots of special features in terms of flexibility. For example, it can handle circuit boards with dimensions of up to 610 mm x 560 mm, which enables manufacturers to increase their production of boards with multiple clusters. With a dual-conveyor setup, PCBs with dimensions of up to 450 mm x 300 mm enter the machine side-by-side. With the SIPLACE Smart Pin Support, users can define the pin locations for supporting large or sensitive boards as part of the placement program and then place the pins automatically. And thanks to its interchangeable gantries, the popular gantry modularity concept is now a part of the latest SIPLACE X generation as well. In addition, electronics manufacturers who use barcodes or matrix codes to automatically download placement programs can save a lot of money: since the integrated PCB camera on the new machines is able to read these codes, they no longer have to invest in separate reader units.

More brains, fewer heads
The latest generation of the SIPLACE X platform covers the complete component spectrum from 01005 to exotic parts that can be up to 200 mm long with only three heads.

The new SIPLACE SpeedStar high-performance head with 20 nozzles operating in collect-and-place mode delivers top speeds for standard components as small as 01005. The SIPLACE TwinHead functions as an end-of-line head for large and exotic components.

The unique SIPLACE MultiStar head in turn covers the range between these extremes. Controlled by software, it can change its placement mode for each cycle. With its fast collect-and-place mode, the accurate pick-and-place mode and its special mixed mode, it is able to place components ranging from 01005 to 50 mm x 40 mm. Despite its unique flexibility, the SIPLACE SpeedStar achieves a benchmark speed rating of 23,500 cph while eliminating the need for most head and configuration changes for more non-stop, highly efficient product changeovers.

The new SIPLACE X4i S flagship delivers a top benchmark value of 120,000 cph (components per hour) in a footprint of only 1.9 x 2.6 meters.

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