Thursday, June 21, 2018
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FCT Assembly Wins Solder Paste Evaluation Conducted by Major OEM

FCT Assembly today announced that it won a major OEM in the Northwest with its NL932 lead-free no-clean solder paste. The OEM evaluated six solder paste suppliers.

The evaluation was comprised of several tests broken into distinct phases. Analytical tests included tackiness, wetting, cold and hot slump, voiding in BGAs, AOI performance, and ease of cleaning. Extended paste print test was evaluated along with defect testing and compatibility with other materials. Based on a weighted scoring matrix, FCT’s NL932 was selected as new formulation.

NL932 no-clean, lead-free, halide-free solder paste features excellent solderability, enabling the process to handle the most difficult wetting requirements. The lead-free paste offers excellent print consistency with high process capability index across all board designs, as well as excellent wetting characteristics on all pad finishes.

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