Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Super Dry Director Will Present at Del Mar Electronics and Design Conference
MSD specialist Super Dry® ( will present a technical session entitled “Meeting the Challenges of J-STD-033C AND IPC 1601 for controlling Moisture Sensitive Devices,”  during the upcoming DMEDS May 1-2.  Super Dry Director and global electronics industry veteran Richard Heimsch will present the session.    

All components are susceptible to moisture damage, including PCBs. These defects can successfully pass through ICT and functional test and lead to early field failures.  The presentation explores solutions for safe storage and oxidation free drying in relation to J-Std-033C and IPC 1601 MSD specifications.  These include an oxidation free drying alternative to traditional baking proven to improve component and PCB solderability at a fraction of the cost and environmental impact.  The process can dry BGAs, PCBs and other moisture sensitive devices at oven-equivalent speeds without oxidation and inter-metallic growth induced by traditional baking temperatures.  Oxidation is a significant drawback of baking components and even a single bake cycle at typical 90-125C will significantly increase wetting time.  Unlike vacuum or baking ovens, the new process also offers cost effective unlimited MSD safe storage in full compliance with 033C specifications.

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