Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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FCT Assembly Develops New Low-Melting Tin/Bismuth Solder Paste

FCT Assembly announces that it has developed a new low-melting Tin/Bismuth solder paste – NC722. The new no-clean solder paste is a new generation halide-free, rosin-based chemistry designed to provide a previously unseen level of repeatability and consistency to the printing process.

NC722 is designed to be used with low-temperature alloys such as Sn42/Bi58. The paste offers an excellent open time, extended abandon time and good soldering activity with all surface finishes. Additionally, it meets or exceeds the requirements for ANSI/J-STD -004, -005 as well as all Bellcore test criteria for solder pastes. Residues left behind are clear and maintain a virtually indefinite pin probability life.

Paste attributes include a wide reflow window with good solderability on various PCB surface finishes and unlimited pin probability and clear post-process residues. NC722 features excellent print volume consistency with surface area ratios (SAR) as low as 0.55 when used with the UltraSlic™ stencil technology. Additionally, the non-hygroscopic, low voiding/high-reliability formulation is suitable for high RH areas.

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