Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Yamaichi Intros Next Gen 28 Gbps Connectors
CFP2 connector system.
San Jose, CA — Yamaichi Electronics has introduced its latest 28Gbps enhanced QSFP plus (eQSFP+) connector and CFP2/4 connectors for NextGen Infiniband® and 100 GbE/400GbE technologies. The new eQSFP+ connector — Part number: CN120-038-0001 — has been developed for 100GbE system standardized by IEEE802.3 and also for the Infiniband EDR system; it is also compatible with the QSFP28 connector specified in SFF-8665 and SFF-8672.

The new connector's outstanding low signal loss performance provides more margins to the signal loss budget on entire channel and provides better product quality. Furthermore, eQSFP+ connector has footprint and physical dimension compatibility with current 10Gbps QSFP+ connector and cage accessories specified in SFF-8436; this parts commonality provides procurement benefits.

The company has also introduced the CFP2 connector — Part number: CN121 Series — for NexGen 100GbE system, which complies with the CFP MSA specification. Yamaichi is the first company to provide CFP2 connectors to the market, and its CFP4 product line is coming next.

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