Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Acopian Adds Options to Low-Profile Power Supplies
Low-profile power supply.
Easton, PA — Acopian has added options to enhance the functionality of its Low-Profile Family of AC-DC and DC-DC Power Supplies.Only 1.7-in. (43mm) high, the UL recognized, CE certified low-profile family consists of 1U format 720W single-output AC-DC and DC-DC and 750W wide-adjust output AC-DC and DC-DC models. The high power density and flexibility of the supplies ensures minimal power loss in end-use equipment, facilitating higher reliability, and easier thermal management.

Both the 720W single-output and 750W wide-adjust output AC-DC and DC-DC models are now optionally available with a thermostatically controlled fan, which runs at reduced speed until maximum speed is required — along with an output blocking protection diode for battery charging or redundant applications.

Other new options include three-phase 208VAC or 170-240VAC (60-400Hz) input voltage, in addition to 15VDC/100mA auxiliary voltage. Provisions for N+1 redundancy and paralleling for higher current are also optional.

All models are supplied standard with universal input and active power factor correction (PFC) and can support either constant voltage or a constant current. Those with wide output voltage ranges can be adjusted down to 0V. Both voltage and current are programmable with 0-10V control voltage inputs. Voltage and current monitor outputs and an inhibit terminal are included on the pluggable connectors to facilitate easy wiring of the control and input leads. Additional standard features include built-in over voltage protection (OVP), "soft start" and "no load" operation, short circuit and overload protection, thermal protection, internal EMI filtering, RFI shielding, and remote sensing.

Due to their industry standard footprint and low profile, the low-profile power supplies are suitable drop-in replacements for existing supplies for applications in which weight, efficiency, size, or wide input range tolerance is a factor. These power supplies are most commonly employed in LED signage and lighting, industrial controls, power and energy, aerospace, nuclear, and electrolysis applications.

The accept a wide input voltage range of 90-265VAC (49-240Hz) or 110-350VDC. Models in case size WL7 measure 1.7 x 6.4 x 9.4-in. (43 x 162.5 x 239mm), while those in case size WL9 measure 1.7 x 6.4 x 11.9-in. (43 x 162.5 x 302mm). Units are provided ready for use worldwide, without further configuration or input selection.

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