Monday, June 25, 2018
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High-Speed LED Pick-and-Place from Manncorp
Pick-and-place for LEDs.
Willow Grove, PA — Manncorp is introducing the MC-LEDV3, a new high-speed pick-and-place machine built to assemble LED tube lights, flexible LED strips and LED bulb boards. The MC-LEDV3 has three pick-and-place heads mounted on a high-precision, ball-screw-driven gantry. Simultaneous pickup, on-the-fly (vision based) component alignment, and feeder placement optimization combine to achieve placement rates of up to 10,000 LEDs per hour, per IPC-9850.

Unlike SMT pick-and-place machines that have been adapted for LED assembly, MC-LEDV3 is specifically designed for LED boards. Whether configured with a magnetic fixture worktable or an inline conveyor, MC-LEDV3 accommodates flexible strips, circular boards for LED bulbs, and long LED tube boards up to 70-in. (1800mm) long. The machine places both standard and domed LEDs from 1 x 0.5mm to 8 x 8mm, with positive air pressure and Teflon®-coated nozzles ensuring the release of "sticky" components.

The feeders available for the MC-LEDV3 have also been designed specifically for LED assembly. Brushless motors ensure long life even with 24/7 production. The ability to splice tapes and to have the machine automatically switch to a different feeder when one runs empty means that the MC-LEDV3 can run nearly nonstop, producing LED boards shift after shift.

Contact: Manncorp, 2845 Terwood Rd., Willow Grove, PA 19090 800-745-6266 or 215-830-1200 fax: 215-830-1206 E-mail: Web:

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