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System and Service Help ACT Improve
ACT's Vice-President, Robert Kajfasz (left), and Sales Manager, Peter Elia (right), stand beside Europlacer's iineo-II system.

An unlikely partnership has helped contract manufacturer Advance Circuit Technology, Inc. (ACT) to improve its circuit manufacturing services. The company, founded in 1998, is located in Rochester, NY and offers electronic manufacturing services for circuit card assembly, thick-film hybrid circuit design and manufacturing, box build final electronic assembly, and testing. By unexpectedly "finding" Europlacer and their high-performance surface-mount pick-and-place machines at an industry event last year, ACT began a partnership that has been a benefit to both companies.

ACT has built a solid reputation by delivering practical solutions to complex electronic design and manufacturing problems. The contract manufacturer, with extensive experience designing and producing advanced electronic assemblies, offers prototype through production services on all electronic assemblies and can design, prototype, and deliver hybrid circuits in as little as two weeks. ACT can increase its production levels as needed to handle new customers, applying the uncompromising policy for all customers that customer satisfaction is its number one priority.

Meeting Expectations
To keep that priority, ACT constantly seeks the tools and technologies that can best serve its existing and new customers. While at the 2012 IPC APEX EXPO, representatives from ACT discovered Europlacer North America and began a relationship that has since grown and developed, providing benefits for both partners. ACT's Vice President, Bob Kajfasz recalls that the contract manufacturer attended the event intending to see other companies: "We were pleasantly surprised to find Europlacer at the 2012 IPC APEX EXPO. Originally, we attended the show with the intention of learning more about Europlacer's competitors. However, some of our team members took part in a demo and, by the end, they were sold." He added that ACT did visit with some of those competitors, but were more impressed by what they saw from Europlacer and the company's iineo-II pick-and-place system: "The competition was busy every time we stopped by their booths. Europlacer's booth also was busy; however, its staff was quick to respond to our questions and was willing to work with us on a package that was ideal for us. Our operators liked what they saw in the iineo-II because it was more of a production machine designed for use in our high-mix environment. It was set up similarly to the competition's systems, but we could not find a system that matched all of Europlacer's features, including a better feeder design concept, making it more straightforward and easier to use."

The iineo-II system has helped ACT improve speed, accuracy, and productivity.

The placement accuracy and positioning speed of the iineo-II system has impressed more than a few of the staff members at ACT, including Sales Manager, Peter Elia. The system?s capabilities coupled with the contract manufacturer?s skilled operators and strong sales and marketing efforts, has enabled the company to win higher-volume jobs at reduced pricing, helping to make the company extremely competitive. As Elia explains: "Due to this purchase, we can now move boards four to five times faster. Additionally, we are producing in one day what we previously were accomplishing in a week's time."

Easing the Learning Curve
Advanced manufacturing systems such as the iineo-II often require some time for staff to learn and for the system to impact a production process, but Europlacer's staff worked closely with ACT personnel so that learning curve would be as short as possible. According to Kajfasz, "changing to a new process can be challenging. Europlacer's crew made it easy, however, and the equipment was both straightforward and easy to work with." He added that ?there is a learning curve with new feeders, software and new equipment that makes upfront customer support that much more important. The company provided us with everything we needed and continues to do so, even a year into our partnership."

The new system and the partnership have meant a great deal to ACT and how the company has been able to serve its customers. Elia explains that the company has always been responsive to customers: "We are a small company, which has always allowed us to respond quickly to customer demands." With the addition of the iineo-II pick-and-place system, however, ACT can provide the benefits of much larger companies. "Now we have the equipment and throughput of a much larger company that makes us as competitive as anyone in the industry. When customers come through our facility and see our processes, we are able to tell them that we can compete with anyone — including the big companies — because of the speed, accuracy and rapid changeover capability of the Europlacer system," Elia notes. He adds "we are strengthening our business relationships because they know that we have great, high-end equipment that is designed for the work they are asking us to perform. The accuracy of Europlacer is really amazing." Elia concludes that "the Europlacer is a game changer for us that helps position ACT to a new level of production. Productivity and genuine customer service simply define how Europlacer and ACT are ahead of the curve."

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