Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Video Demonstration for HIOKI 1240 Flying Probe Tester with New Software Programming Feature Is Now Live on Seika TV

Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, announces that it has added a video demonstration of the HIOKI 1240 Flying Probe Tester with the new software programming feature to Seika TV. The latest video can be viewed at

The HIOKI 1240 Flying Probe Tester provides a variety of benefits compared to conventional testing machinery. Some of these benefits include jig-less inspection for quick setup as well as the proficient testing of mis-mounted components, faulty components and poor contacts. Through resistance testing, the flying probe test is able to assess solder joints promptly, while still thwarting board damage through use of the soft-landing feature. HIOKI features a four-wire measurement function and the capabilities of the series extends to the active in-circuit test of FETs and relays as well as three-terminal voltage regulators – applications that are regarded as challenging test issues for conventional equipment.

Additionally, the HIOKI1240 Flying Probe ICT features the HIOKI UA1780 Gerber Data Editing Software.  With the software, users can now easily create high-quality test data without boards. The system features easy-to-use Windows-based operation and support for the FA1240’s new data format. Included in this software package is an extensive range of statistical processing and report creation tools. 

For more information about Seika Machinery, Inc.’s HIOKI 1240 Flying Probe Tester with the new software programming feature or to view the new video on Seika TV, visit


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