Thursday, June 21, 2018
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ProEx acquires the Ultimate in 3D Vision Inspection!
ProEx a worldwide leader in Device Programming and Tape & Reel services announces the addition of the V-TEK Inc. TM-500 to accommodate the growing demand for a versatile, efficient and accurate 3D vision inspection solution.

"Our customers are accustomed to the highest quality standards," said Greg Norton COO of ProEx. "The TM-500 allows us to continue to provide them with superior Value Added Services in an efficient and cost effective manner."

The TM-500 is a multiple input test inspection and taping machine designed for a high mix of devices with a quick transition time. The flexibility of multiple inputs simplifies and speeds up operations. The 3D and 2D vision systems provide detailed and traceable reports to maximize accuracy in upstream operations.


  • 3D Leaded device inspection including: Coplanarity, Standoff, Warpage, Width, Skew, Bent lead, Pitch, Tip Error, Tip Offset, Lead Sweep, Slant, Terminal Dimension and more.
  • 3D BGA inspection including: Coplanarity, Warpage, Ball Height, Ball Quality, Ball Diameter, X Diameter, Y Diameter, X Grid Offset, Y Grid Offset, Board Width and Board Length and more.
  • 2D vision inspection
  • Mark inspection
  • Orientation inspection

Watch the TM-500 in Action at ProEx!

Norton continued, "We are excited to have made the first purchase of the TM-500 in the US! Not only does it provide us with the capability of 3D vision inspection, it also significantly increases our capacity and efficiencies for processing devices that require only 2D inspection. This allows ProEx to continue providing the fastest turn times in the industry while ensuring our quality performance is maximized", said COO Greg Norton. "We had several choices for inspection equipment. Our extensive research, V-TEK's reputation, and the versatility of the TM-500 made it a clear choice."

"V-TEK is delighted that ProEx chose to be the first TM-500 operator in the US", said A.J. Wilson, V-TEK's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "This is the continuation of a long term collaborative relationship between our companies, and we appreciate having the opportunity to help ProEx provide innovative and exemplary services to its customers."

ProEx offers Device Programming, Tape & Reel and other value added services in behalf of Electronics Distributors, Contract Manufacturers and OEM's.

V-TEK is a global leader in designing and building automatic and manual component handling equipment, including test and inspection functions, for the high mix electronic manufacturing services industry.

You can learn more about ProEx at

You can learn more about V-TEK Inc. and the TM-500 at

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