Saturday, June 23, 2018
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SIPLACE booth includes ASM Back End Systems at the SMT Hybrid Packaging 2013
ASM is using the SMT Hybrid Packaging 2013 show to present its MCM12 multi-chip bonder and introduce itself to European electronics manufacturers at Booth 7-204 as their solution partner for all areas from wafer production to packaging to final assembly. The MCM12 addresses the rapidly growing market for packaging multi-chip modules and SiPs (systems-in-package). With the MCM12, users can combine die attach and flip-chips directly from 6-, 8- and 12-inch wafers with other components into modules and deliver them to the final assembly line.  Equipment maker ASM Back End Systems is positioning the MCM12 with its wide range of bonding technologies and feeder options as a highly flexible solution for small and medium lot sizes.

Integrating dies, flip-chips, memory components, LEDs, sensors and other components into modules and SiPs can significantly increase their performance and simplify their placement process.

As its solution for complex module production, ASM Back End Systems will present the latest version of its MCM12 multi-chip bonder at the SMT Hybrid Packaging 2013 show. The machine can take dies (direct die attach) and flip-chips from the popular 6-inch and 8-inch wafers as well as from 12-inch wafers. To make this possible, the MCM features a wide range of magazine, expander/pre-expander and ejector technologies. Once taken from the wafer, the chips can be integrated via direct die attach, flip-chip or the more complex die stacking.

Wide range of feeders and tools
Besides from wafers, the MCM12 can take components from a waffle pack changer, trays and up to six tape feeders. For the chip bonding itself, the user can select between stamping, pattern writing or dispensing – depending on the requirements. For chip bonding applications, the magazine of the MCM12 can optionally hold up to 14 tools.

The MCM12’s conveyor can be adapted to all kinds of metal or ceramic carriers. And thanks to ASM’s patented gantry, substrates up to 8 inch in width can be used and the bonding area can be 8 to 13 inches large.

“Manufacturers and electronics producers in Europe are increasingly using the capabilities of multi-chip modules. With our MCM12 we now offer a very flexible solution for such applications. By joining up with ASM Assembly Systems and presenting the MCM12 next to their SIPLACE placement machines, we will demonstrate to German and European electronics producers that ASM is the only equipment maker worldwide that can offer solutions across the entire electronics manufacturing chain – from the wafer to back end to module production and packaging to the final assembly with state-of-the-art SIPLACE placement machines,” explains Hubert Herzberg, Head of ASM Back End Systems.

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