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Advantech Intros Explosion-Proof I/O Modules
I/O modules for hazardous environments.
Cincinnati, OH — The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech's remote I/O modules, the ADAM-4000 series and ADAM-6000 series, have been certified with Class I, Division 2 Groups A, B, C, D approval for use in hazardous locations — gas, mining, oil or petrochemical industry — where highly flammable substances may be produced, processed, stored, and transported. These modules are certified that they will not cause explosions if gases, vapors and liquids are present.

The National Electrical Code (NEC) defines hazardous locations as the areas "where fire or explosion hazards may exist due to flammable gases or vapors, flammable liquids, combustible dust, or ignitable fibers."

Advantech's remote I/O modules, including repeaters, converters, and both RS-485-based and Ethernet-based remote data acquisition modules, provide suitable industrial automation, control, and measurement solutions for harsh environments and demanding applications. With a wide operating temperature range and multiple mounting methods, these modules can be implemented across diverse applications, making the systems always connected and reliable.

Contact: Advantech Corporation, Industrial Automation Group, 11380 Reed Hartman Highway, Cincinnati, OH 45241 800-205-7940 E-mail: Web:

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