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ABB LV Surge Protectors for PVs
Surge protection device.
New Berlin, WI — The ABB Low Voltage Products division has released a line of OVR surge protection devices (SPD) specifically designed for photovoltaic applications. The new PV UL 1449 3rd Edition, pluggable DC DIN Rail SPDs will protect solar panels from damage from direct and indirect lightning strikes. Solar panels are especially susceptible to such strikes because of their large, fully exposed surface areas and prevalent installations in open, isolated areas.

Catastrophic damage from lightning strikes can ruin expensive solar equipment or cause long term downtime. The PV specific SPDs will be available in maximum discharge currents (Imax) of 15 or 40kA, maximum continuous operating voltages of 600, 800 and 1000VDC, all with pluggable cartridges ("P"), and optional integrated remote indicator contact ("TS").

According to the company, the 3rd Edition devices are of the same high quality as the 2nd Edition devices, with improved safety features that respond to the more rigorous testing required by the UL 1449 3rd Edition standard. The new PV product range utilizes fast acting metal oxide varistors to limit overvoltage to values compatible with the sensitive equipment connected to the network.

Highlights of the 3rd Edition OVR PV DIN Rail SPDs include: Built-in thermal protection: with 25A DC breaking capacity; pluggable cartridges — when one or more cartridges reaches end-of-life, the electrical circuit need not be isolated, nor does the entire device need to be removed. Simply pull the dead cartridge from its housing and plug in a new one; integrated auxiliary contact with optional remote monitoring capability. Wiring an integrated 3-point 1A volt-free contact enables the operational state of the SPD to be monitored remotely (TS versions).

Contact: ABB, Inc.,Low Voltage Products New Berlin, WI 53151 888-385-1221 or 262-236-3710 Web:

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