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ISVI Intros Advanced Line of Hi-Speed Cameras
Advanced hi-speed camera.
Oxford, CT — ISVI is introducing the latest in its line of Technologically Advanced Industrial Camera Systems including models 25MP/53fps and 12MP/175fps Quad Channel CoaXPress Cameras. CoaXPress (CXP) is an asymmetric high-speed point-to-point serial

communication standard for the transmission of video and still images, scalable over single or multiple coaxial cables. It has a high-speed downlink of up to 6.25Gbps per cable for video, images and data, plus a lower speed 20Mbps uplink for communications and control.

Power is available over the cable — Power-over-Coax — and cable lengths of greater than 100 meters may be achieved. CoaXPress combines the elegant simplicity of coaxial cable with state-of-the-art high-speed serial data technology. The combination of these two highly desirable features — standard coaxial cable and "express" speed — provides a huge leap forward in high-speed image and data transmission.

ISVI pioneered the design and development of what is reportedly the world's first Quad Channel CoaXPress Camera. Each channel can transmit up to 6.25Gbs for a maximum data transfer rate of 25Gbps. The camera speed is scalable from CXP-1@1.25Gbits/s to CXP-6@25Gbits/s. With lower speed CXP-1 applications, one frame grabber will support up to four CXP cameras. The CXP cameras are supported by the following frame grabbers: Matrox Radient CXP Grabber, Bitflow Carbon CXP Grabber and the Active Silicon FireBird CXP Grabber.

Contact: ISVI, 3 Morse Road 2A, Oxford, CT 06478 203-592-8723 E-mail: Web:

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