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Manual Lead Reconditioning Equipment SMDs
Lead reforming machine.
West Caldwell, NJ — The SMT Lead Forming equipment division of Fancort Industries has introduced a new model of the manual, fine pitch lead reconditioning system that reclaims ceramic devices. What makes ceramic devices more difficult to recondition is the inconsistency in lead position from side to side, and the tougher lead frame material, typically Kovar or Alloy 42. This material is more difficult to recondition than typical plastic devices with their softer lead material.

The new Model MLCS-3, will correct lead pitch, skew and position on one side at a time. The operator loads a part into the nest, clamps it into place and then using the high resolution CCD, lowers the comb between the leads. The leads are then manually oscillated while the device is clamped in a cycle that takes less than 15 seconds per side. No expensive tooling is required for the machine, which has interchangeable custom nests for various body sizes, and interchangeable combs for different pitch parts. The maximum size part that will fit in the standard machine is up to a 352 CQFP or 2 x 2-in. (51 x 51mm) body.

The machine includes a very high resolution camera and monitor that allow the operator to view the work area and ensure that the comb properly engages the leads before performing the lead oscillation. As the package is turned to each side, the operator can make fine adjustments to ensure that no damage is done to the leads. For serious lead deformations of shape and coplanarity, the company also offers the F-1B/1RC manual reforming machine to reform the leads into the proper gullwing shape and proper coplanarity.

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