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Hameg Increases Spectrum Analyzer Frequency Range
Spectrum analyzers get free frequency upgrade.
Mainhausen, Germany — Hameg Instruments has increased the frequency range for all of its spectrum analyzers in the 1000 series from 1GHz to 1.6GHz. With the purchase of a HMS1000, HMS1010 or HMS1000E, customers will experience an immediate increase of 60 percent more frequency range at no extra cost.

The upgrade is available as a firmware download version (Hameg_FW_HMS_2.022) at

This added value applies not only to new instruments. All products delivered since July 1, 2012 have been tested at the factory to ensure compliance with the new specifications and can be upgraded. The free upgrade to 1.6GHz is also available for all HMS1000 products purchased prior to July 1, 2012. This is subject to the restriction that these instruments could not be tested at the factory to guarantee compliance with the expanded frequency range. To ensure compliance with all specifications over 1GHz, the company recommends returning the spectrum analyzer to the Hameg Service Center.

For a special price, the company will perform a firmware upgrade to test and synchronize the instrument. This will guarantee correct measurement results, including the expanded frequency range.

Contact: Hameg Instruments, Industriestraae 6, 63533 Mainhausen, Germany +49 (0) 6182 800 0 fax: +49 (0) 6182 800 100 E-mail: Web:

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