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Epoxies Intros Versatile Casting Resin
New casting resin.
Cranston, RI — Epoxies, Etc. is introducing the 20-2180, a Polyurethane Potting and Encapsulating Resin that has fitting properties for cable and harness assemblies. The 20-2180 can be poured into a metal or silicone mold to create an assembly with a firm seal around jacketed wires. Its rubber-like texture makes it especially suitable for outdoor applications. It is resilient and won't crack, which would allow moisture to creep in.

Use of the 20-2180 resin in small-to-medium molding applications is more cost-effective than the use of injection molds. The 20-2180 is stable, pours easily, and resists moisture and chemicals. It self-levels around components and cures quickly with a small amount of heat.

The new compound is also excellent for other electronic applications, having a low viscosity, low shrinkage, creating low stress on components. It has a convenient 2:1 mix ratio, and its base is a natural oil polyol, which is a renewable resource and low in toxicity.

It is also packaged in TriggerBond® dual barrel cartridge system, which requires no mixing or measuring.

Key features of the new casting resin: sturdy yet not brittle; low viscosity; moisture and chemical resistant; vibration resistant; low shrinkage and exotherm; easy to use and available in TriggerBond; low toxicity.

Contact: Epoxies, Etc., 21 Starline Way, Cranston, RI 02921 800-376-9437 or 401-946-5564 fax: 401-946-5526 E-mail: Web:

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