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Aven Gemscope Uses Multiple Light Sources
Inspection microscope.
Ann Arbor, MI — Powerful magnification and bright lighting from multiple sources distinguish the new Aven Gemscope, made by Carton Optical Co., Ltd. This specialized binocular stereo microscope has a magnification range of 10x to 44x. Upper and lower illumination assures bright, distortion-free surface and interior inspection of diamonds, other gemstones, crystals and jewelry-grade minerals.

A dimmable halogen lamp is supplemented by a halogen pipe light, as well as an independently controlled 9-watt fluorescent front light. A movable gem tweezer with two positioning posts holds specimens firmly on the right or left side of the adjustable iris diaphragm. The zoom ratio is 4.4:1 and the field of view is 23 to 5.3mm (0.9 to 0.2-in.). The working distance of 90mm (3.5-in.) allows ample room for use of tools while stones are magnified.

Eyepiece tubes are inclined at 45° and have rubber cups for comfort during extended use.

The instrument, which includes a dust cover, is mounted on a study stand that can be inclined up to 10°. The body can be accessorized with different eyepieces and auxiliary lenses for needed magnification and working distance.

Contact: Aven, Inc., 4595 Platt Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48108 734-973-0099 fax: 734-973-0097 Web:

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