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Henkel Intros Two New Encapsulants
Irvine, CA — Henkel Electronic Materials has introduced two encapsulants for selective protection of environmentally-susceptible components. The materials, LOCTITE ECCOBOND UV9060F and LOCTITE ECCOBOND EN 3707F, reportedly deliver an impermeable barrier to potential environmental influences and offer manufacturers cure process flexibility and deposition traceability.

Both materials provide tough protection against the destructive effects of environmental contaminants like moisture and fluids such as beverages and perspiration. Designed for high-UPH production environments, both materials cure quickly with UV light in less than 30 seconds and contain a subsequent cure mechanism to ensure shadowed areas not exposed to UV light are fully cured. LOCTITE ECCOBOND UV9060F has a secondary moisture cure and a secondary thermal cure is built into LOCTITE ECCOBOND EN 3707F.

In addition to their fast cure advantage and excellent protection, the new materials also provide special processability and traceability characteristics. Both materials can be applied using non-contact dispensing or traditional needle dispensing to accommodate varying manufacturing requirements and high-UPH processes. And, perhaps most novel is the fluorescent tracer designed into each encapsulant. Because protective materials are often opaque, visually inspecting them is difficult. With these new materials, exposure to black light illuminates the materials' fluorescent tracers and allows operators to verify the intended coverage areas.

Contact: Henkel Corp., 1400 Jamboree Rd., Irvine, CA 92606 714-368-8000 fax: 714-368-2265 Web: or or

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