Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Ascentech Announces Availability of Aprotec Solder Saver
Ascentech LLC, North American Distributor for UK‐based Aprotec Instrumentation, announces the availability of the Aprotec Solder Saver in the U.S. market. The Solder Saver is an easy to use solder reclamation system that separates expensive solder from the dross typically created by wave soldering machines.

The Solder Saver offers companies who do wave and selective soldering the opportunity to rapidly recycle dross created in the wave solder pot, thereby saving up to 50% in new solder bar purchases.

Hot dross is scooped up from the surface of the wave solder pot by the hand held, light weight Solder‐Saver.Dross oxides are swiftly separated from the solder by the Solder Saver’s unique high‐speed rotary process system.

The solder in the dross amalgam quickly flows back into the wave solder pot while the oxide powderfree‐flows out of the machine to float on the solder surface, ready for easy collection and safe disposal.

The Solder Saver works on a continuous process basis, which means no lengthy and costly operatordelays during the recycling operation.For more technical information and pricing, contact Randy Allinson, Ascentech LLC, 127 Goose Hill Rd.,Chester, CT, 06412: : 860‐526‐8903, e‐mail

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