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ASM Assembly Systems at Nepcon Shanghai 2013

MUNICH, Germany -  
Smartphones and automotive electronics — ASM Assembly Systems will present new placement platforms and innovative line concepts for both SMT applications at the upcoming Nepcon Shanghai trade show (April 23-25, Shanghai World Expo Center, Booth 1C20). On the smartphone line, the latest generation of SIPLACE placement solutions will be unveiled: both the SIPLACE X4i S and the SIPLACE X3 S deliver record performance ratings. The four 20-nozzle SIPLACE SpeedStar heads on the SIPLACE X4i S push its maximum theoretical speed rating to 135,000 cph (102,000 cph according to the IPC standard).  In addition to its faster performance, the new SIPLACE X-Series also features new options for more flexibility. The automotive electronic line on the other hand focuses more on process reliability, traceability and the special requirements of the LED placement process. Another surprise awaits visitors who expect SIPLACE to be active exclusively in the premium segment: With a third line featuring its new SIPLACE Di placement machines in combination with the new SIPLACE Print A screen printer, ASM Assembly Systems is underscoring its ambition to also be the supplier of choice for manufacturers who pay close attention to the price-performance ratio of their equipment.

“The production of automotive electronics and smartphones, tablets and handheld devices is among the fastest-growing, but also the most competitive applications for Asian electronics plants.  With separate lines we are showing at our booth in Hall 1 how our hardware, software and service options can be bundled into line concepts that enable electronics manufacturers to face the challenges in these markets,” explains Joe Poh, Head of SIPLACE Cluster China, his company’s plans for this year’s Nepcon show in Shanghai.

Smartphone line: Performance, performance, performance
On the smartphone line, visitors will be able to see equipment that effortlessly fulfills the highest requirements regarding performance, flexibility and technology — such as the easy placement of 01005 components. On this line, ASM Assembly Systems will unveil the latest generation of its high-end SIPLACE X-Series. With a top theoretical speed of 135,000 cph (IPC rating: 102,000 cph), the new SIPLACE X4i S with its four 20-nozzle SIPLACE SpeedStar heads sets new industry records and establishes itself as the company’s new flagship.

The line will also demonstrate SIPLACE’s unique portfolio of placement heads. With only three SIPLACE placement heads (the SIPLACE SpeedStar, the SIPLACE MultiStar and the proven SIPLACE TwinHead pick-and-place head), users can cover the entire component spectrum for smartphones and tablets. What makes this possible is the SIPLACE MultiStar’s unique software-driven capability to switch between collect-and-place mode, pick-and-place mode and a special mixed mode.

Software makes top performance manageable and traceable
Making sure that SMT lines deliver top performance for the long term takes more than outstanding hardware, however. With software options like the SIPLACE Line Monitor and SIPLACE Explorer, users can transparently monitor and analyze the performance of their lines.  Special software functions provide speedy and reliable setup changeovers, and the SIPLACE Alternative Component feature makes it possible to describe, splice and place alternative components from different manufacturers for the same placement position.

Automotive electronics line
The SMT line for automotive electronics focuses on different areas. Its combination of SIPLACE SX placement machines and SIPLACE software solutions guarantees maximum process reliability and minimum defect rates, both of which are critical for electronics producers whose lines must be certified by automobile manufacturers. With SIPLACE Traceability as well as user validation and activity tracing via ID cards, the system meets even the highest demands on traceability. And flexible setup concepts featuring scanner-based setup and splice detection prevent virtually all mistakes which are traditionally made during this process.

With SIPLACE LED Pairing, the company also presents a comprehensive software package for the special requirements of LED placement applications. To manage the brightness classes, users can load approved LED-resistor combinations in the form of a list and control even the placement of appropriate pairs on the tops and bottoms of two-sided PCBs.

Customer project: SIPLACE Di line featuring a screen printer from SIPLACE
With its new SIPLACE Di placement machines, SIPLACE is introducing a solution specially designed for price-sensitive small and medium-sized electronics producers. The SIPLACE Di features state-of-the-art placement and vision technology, can handle 01005 components by default, permits rapid setup changeovers with new changeover tables, and benefits from the latest SIPLACE software solutions for scheduling, monitoring and new product introductions (NPI).  The new line, which is as modern as it is compact and stands out with low operating costs, will establish ASM Assembly Systems as a cost-effective equipment supplier for many small and medium-sized producers. It features more performance and functionality than any competitor in this price segment.

As part of the SIPLACE Di line, ASM Assembly Systems will also unveil the SIPLACE PRINT A, a screen printer that was developed as part of a customer project to work especially well with the SIPLACE placement machines of the SIPLACE Di-Series.

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