Sunday, June 24, 2018
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IMET Corporation, a contract PCB assembly and electronics engineering resource, has issued a 90-day freeze in processing of RFQs. This unlikely scenario of a vendor turning away potential new business was announced in an e-mail notification sent to scores of IMET sales prospects, requesting them to wait out the April 1 through June 30 moratorium.

In explaining the decision, CEO Tom Krol stated, “IMET has been processing a record-breaking number of RFQs that along with a major influx of new business, is tying up our seven engineers and facilities.  We are at a point where we simply refuse to make promises that cannot be equated with performance. This predicament has made us call a temporary halt in bidding new projects.”

The e-letter pointed out that “IMET, despite its current gusher, can ill-afford to lose business,” an acknowledgement that its prospects may elect to go elsewhere. Mr. Krol did urge those potential customers to “hang in there and wait out the 90 days,´ ascertaining  that  “this move will earn buyer respect and in the long term generate much more business for us than ignoring the matter and leaving potential buyers hanging.”

About IMET: The Company That Builds Success
IMET Corporation transforms new product concepts into reality by providing all-inclusive or a la carte product development solutions. Its full range of services includes contract manufacturing -- especially PCB assembly – as well as emphasis on electronics engineering during the product development stage. Utilizing the skills and specialties of an in-house staff of seven engineers, IMET is uniquely positioned to “build success” for its clients by producing their products with a focus on marketability.
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