Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Metcal to Host Series of BGA Rework and Repair Seminars

OK International’s Metcal brand today announced the schedule for its 2013 Spring series of BGA rework and repair seminars. The seminars will address the latest techniques to rework and repair BGAs, QFNs and micro SMDs.

The free technical seminars will feature rework demonstrations with real-life applications learned from global experiences. Additionally, attendees will get a demonstration of the Metcal Scorpion Rework System in action. The seminars will include a 30-minute multimedia presentation, two hours of hands-on demonstrations and instruction, and a question and answer session to conclude.

Applications and topics include: repair, rework, low-volume assembly, prototyping, screen printing for single components, flux gel deposition for BGA/CSP rework and repair, temperature profiling and site preparation for rework and repair.

Limited space is available for each seminar. The seminars currently are scheduled in five cities in the USA and Canada:

April 9, 2013: Seattle, WA (Redmond)

April 16, 2013: Denver, CO (Thornton)

April 23, 2013: Toronto, ON, Canada (Vaughan)

May 9, 2013: Melbourne, FL

May 16, 2013: Tampa, FL

Additional seminars will be added throughout the year. To register now or to view a list of upcoming seminars, visit


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