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Aqueous Technologies Co-Hosts Sold Out Workshop in Penang

Aqueous Technologies, together with Zestron, Kester and Humiseal, participated in the Assembly Cleaning, Testing and Conformal Coating Workshop in Penang Malaysia on March 15, 2013. A sold-out crowd of more than 120 attendees surpassed expectations.

The workshop was held in the Grand Ballroom of the Equatorial Hotel. Presenters covered topics including “Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Processes,” “Why Clean PCBs,” “How Clean Is Clean” and “Integrated Conformal Coating Solutions for Improved Reliability.”

Aqueous Technologies’ CEO Michael Konrad presented at the workshop, and commented, “Sold-out workshops are one indication that the desire for cleaning knowledge has never been greater. Aqueous Technologies’ commitment to participating in and producing free, knowledge-based cleaning and reliability workshops has helped fill the knowledge gap as assemblers seek to increase assembly reliability by adopting a cleaning process.”

Aqueous Technologies plans to participate in or produce 16 workshops on three continents during 2013 in cities including Penang, Nuremberg, Philadelphia, San Diego, Milpitas, Sao Paolo, Dallas, Maryland, Boston, Nashville, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Toronto and Denver.

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