Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Murrietta Circuits involved in production of mind controlled robotic arm

Andrew Murrietta CEO and co- owner of Murrietta Circuits announced that his company had provided some high-density rigid-flex circuit boards for an experimental medical device that can be implanted in the human brain and be used to control a prosthetic arm, purely by the thoughts of the patient. This breakthrough technology was recently featured in a segment on CBS News’ 60 Minutes. Here is a link to that segment

Murrietta commented, “This is an amazing piece of technology and we were thrilled to see how our products and services help our customers realize such great advances.  This particular board presented some unique challenges because of the size of the board and the density of the circuits.  We worked closely with the engineering group to come up with a design that met all their needs yet was still in-line with modern advanced manufacturing techniques.  It required very close collaboration between engineering, design and manufacturing to make it happen and it is only through this close communication, that the board was successfully built. We believe it is this type of result that validates our entire business model.  With today’s high-density technology there are no short-cuts.  Engineering and manufacturing must continue to work together in an ever increasing way.  It was certainly gratifying to see something we worked on be highlighted on national television.”

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