Thursday, June 21, 2018
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SIPLACE gets ready for a fantastic FIEE show in Brazil
 The high flexibility placement platform SIPLACE SX with its fast gantry exchange is the ideal solution for high mix electronics manufacturers – as the SIPLACE team and Altrade will prove at the FIEE 2013.
Building on a very successful APEX trade show in San Diego, the next stop for the SIPLACE team is the 27th International Electrical, Electronic, Energy and Automation Industry Fair
in Sao Paulo, Brazil (FIEE). Together with their local partner Altrade, ASM Assembly Systems will demonstrate how the SIPLACE SX can help customers simplify their manufacturing challenges. The SIPLACE SX and its revolutionary Capacity on Demand concept have been a huge success in North America, where SIPLACE was able to double its market share last year. Presenting the SX Platform at the FIEE show is going to prove the platform is the ideal solution for the rapidly expanding Brazilian market as well.

“The SIPLACE SX is an ideal platform for the Brazilian Market” said Mark Ogden, Marketing Manager for SIPLACE in the Americas. “We designed the SX to eliminate any hardware driven constraints, to make it easy and more flexible to use. We then combined it with a new generation of software tools to take advantage of that flexibility. Last year’s sales of the SIPLACE SX platform in North America were truly impressive, with strong gains in the Automotive and Contract Manufacturing sectors. We’ve also invested heavily in Brazil, with our partners Easy in Manaus and Altrade near Sao Paulo. We now have a well-trained team in two facilities, with access to machines and spare parts, able to service all the major manufacturing markets in Brazil. With the right support structure in place we are convinced that the SIPLACE SX will be a huge success in Brazil”

SIPLACE showcases hardware and software highlights
Visitors at the FIEE show will be able to see the SIPLACE SX equipped with the SIPLACE MultiStar placement head and SIPLACE Random Setup software. The MultiStar head is able to switch between 3 different placement modes to give it a huge component range. Combining SIPLACE MultiStar and Random Setup gives SIPLACE the only true feeder anywhere concept in the industry. This allows customers to place feeders randomly anywhere on the whole production line. Attendees will also be able to see SIPLACE Capacity on Demand live at the show, when a gantry exchange will upgrade a SIPLACE SX1 machine to a SIPLACE SX2 in only 15 minutes, doubling its throughput. The SIPLACE and Altrade teams will also be demonstrating the latest offline software tools to help customers easily program, set up and change over products.

Visit SIPLACE at:
2013 FIEE - The 27th International Electrical, Electronic, Energy and Automation Industry Fair
Date: April 1 to 5, 2013
Hours: 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm | Friday, from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Location: Anhembi Exhibition Hall - São Paulo – Brazil – Booth F80

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